Terms & Conditions

Before getting our services at your doorstep, you must read the following mentioned terms and conditions carefully as if you use these services, then it shows direct acceptance and compliance with the stated terms and conditions of the Ethnic Shop. The website allows the buyer or the customer to browse, select and purchase ethnic yet designer women wear, handmade gift articles, handmade designer jewellery and other women accessories.

Further, if you decide to subscribe or use any of the services like the purchases made by you through the site shall show that you accept the given terms and your agreement could be legally agreed with the same. In addition to this, an individual would also be bound by the terms and conditions of the terms of service which are stated on the website with the display and selection of the item. If there occurs any conflict between the supply of the articles and the stated terms, then the stated terms would take precedence in relation to that of the sale.

In these of the stated terms and conditions, the word like “you” means the end user accessing the website and its contents. And the words such as "we", "us" and "our" shall mean Ethnic Shop.

www.ethnicshops.in is an internet based website and an e-commerce portal that is incorporated under the laws of India. The website is offered to the end users are conditioned on the acceptance without changes in the terms and conditions may be posted on the website from time to time. The website, itself is the sole discretion of the rights not to accept any user from registering on the website without assigning any reason.

With that states, the company would also change its agreement or the terms and conditions from time to time by showing a revised version on the Site. All the amendments and updates that are made would be notified through the website to the users. The revised version of the terms and conditions would seem to be effective at the time we make changes in the website. And by the time you continue to use our website, you are directly agreeing to the revised stated terms and conditions of the website that are expressed here.

In addition to this, if the revised version of the stated terms and conditions includes a sudden change, then we are liable to provide you with the notice of at least 30 days of such sudden change. Also, with this, the user is advised to keep a check on the amendments or updates to the terms and conditions. For more clarity of this agreement, the term “Sudden or Substantial Change” refers to a sudden change to the stated terms and conditions of the privacy policy that would end up in reducing the right and increasing the responsibilities of the end user.

It is always advised to the end user that they must carefully read on the stated terms and conditions carefully. These stated or mentioned terms and conditions are changed or modified from time to time as they act as a binding contract between the company and the end user. If you decide to visit, use, or shop from the website, then it is important that you must accept the stated terms and conditions. In addition to this, if you use the current or future services of the company or if you visit the website from any of the business that is associated with the company or by the third party vendors, then you would also be subjected to the terms and conditions of the service or merchant, whether or not included in the website. If the stated terms and conditions related with the buying of ethnic women apparels and accessories are inconsistent, then such conditions will prevail.

User Account, Password, and Security:

You would receive the account details and a password after completion of the website’s registration procedure. After that you are held responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password and account, and are liable to all the activities that are happening in your account. If you find that any false activity is happening under your account, then you must immediately notify to the [email protected] for the unauthorized use of your password or account. Also, with that you must ensure the fact that you exit from the account after each and every session.

Services Offered

Ethnic Shops offers their clients with a number of Internet-based services through their website. One out of these services enables the users to buy original piece of clothing (such as ethnic handloom sarees, and Designer women wear),accessories and the handmade gift articles. After placing the order, Ethnic Shops would certainly ship the product and would be also entitled to its payment for the services.

Privacy Policy:

After deciding to use the website for current or future use, the end user consents and agrees that he or she has fully understood the privacy policy of the Ethnic Shop. The end user further agrees to the terms and conditions of the privacy policy accepted to them.

Channel Subscription:

With all the above stated conditions, the website also requires the permission of sending the users with the administrative and promotional emails. In those emails, an individual will be sent information about the account activity and purchases. With that, you’ll receive information about our products and promotional offers. Also, you can opt out for the emails at any time by clicking the UNSUBSCRIBE link mentioned at the bottom of the email. You need to see the Privacy Policy for details. Further by placing an order, you would agree to the company’s policy.

Exactness Not Guaranteed:

Ethnic Shop also disclaims that we do not guarantee of the exactness of color, gloss and shades of the product like the traditional sarees and the handmade gift items and accessories. The quality of imagery cannot be taken a final representation. The quality of the items, services or materials that are purchased by you by the website would be as per the company standards and conditions.