Privacy Policy

Ethnic Shops understands the fact that an individual cares about the personal information that they use for logging into the website and we ensure the fact that we take care of it. Please go through the following so as to know more about the privacy policy of Ethnic Shops. By visiting the Ethnic Shops website or domain name or any other linked pages, featured content, or the application services that are offered to us from time to time, or by using any of the services that are provided by us, you ensure that you accept the practices and policies that are stated in this Privacy Policy.

What does this Privacy Policy cover?

The main thing that this privacy policy covers is the personal information of the users that the company collects when the end user accesses the website of when the company services are used.

How does Ethnic Shops collect and use the information

The information collected from the users who visit our website enables us to improve our services and also allows us in setting up an account which helps in making the Website more fruitful.

Ethnic Shops keeps a track on the information so as to offer the clients with the best of the shopping experience. Whenever you register or login into our website, you get to enter your email with a password. This allows us to get the information of your account each and every time you visit the website.Before you complete your purchase for the first time, we would ask you for the name, phone number, email, billing and shipping addresses. Also, we ask for the credit card number so as to fulfill the order. This piece of information would be disclosed to some of the members of our staff that would be involved in the completion of your transaction and delivery of your order.

We further require email address or phone number for contacting you about some of the doubts regarding the order placed. We would also use your email address for notifying you with some of the special promotional programs, exciting offers and about new services about our company.


Cookies are referred to as the alphanumeric identifiers that the company transfers into the system shared drive via the browser so as to help in recognizing the browser. This helps in knowing about the time and manner in which you visited the website. However, company cookies doesn’t collect the personal information and thus, you shouldn’t link that with it.

Server statistics

Ethnic Shops use some of the reporting software that allows us in knowing the amount and the type of member traffic that the company gets on the website. Also, we use this piece of information so as to make the improvements for enhancing the shopping experience. Through this, we also ensure the fact that we have enough of the capacity for serving all the members of our company. Ethnic Shops would like to inform you that no personal or personally identifiable information is collected through this procedure.