Policy for Buyers

We, Ethnic Shops are willing to maintain a safe and fair online marketplace for both the buyers as well as for the sellers. If you are one of the prospect buyers, then we request you to please read and understand the policies, including the terms and conditions stated on the website of Ethnic Shop before you buy any of the items. By buying an item from our website would directly show that you are agreeing on all the rules and policies, including terms and conditions.

  • The policies that we have stated on Ethnic Shops are intended to:
  • • To follow the local rules and regulations as stated in the website
  • • To minimize the potential risks to buyers and sellers
  • • Ensure the fact that no one has an unfair advantage
  • • So as to create enjoyable buying experience for the buyers
  • • For protecting the intellectual property rights

Guidelines For The Buyers

The buyer policy outlines the type and kind of the behavior that we, as buyers do not allow from our buyers. This includes buyers making unreasonable demands from the sellers, misusing the returns, or misusing any of the policies for getting maximum benefit.

  • One can't use the website if the account contains false contact information
  • Sometimes, buyers login to the website by using the false contact information. Most of the times, the seller needs to contact the buyers and thus, aren’t able to do so because of the wrong contact information.

  • One must pay for the item you commit to buying
  • If you are willing to buy an item, then you must pay for it. If you aren’t paying after you agree to buy it would show some of the negative consequences.

  • You can't offer to buy items outside of the website
  • Our policy doesn’t cover the items that are bought outside the website. If you are buying any of the items outside the website, then we aren’t liable to protect you against fraud. In the same manner, sellers must also follow the same rule. Thus, you must read on the rules and regulations before you buy any item.

  • One can’t abuse the feedback system
  • Feedback is the form of getting response from the buyer. But this doesn’t mean that you threaten to leave negative feedback on the website just because that wasn't promised in the original listing. This is totally against our policy and one must respect it.